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Water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. An overflowed toilet, a leaking sink, a flooded washing machine, a freak storm, or a flood can lead to your home overflowing with water and ruining carpets, valuable pieces of furniture, or compromising the entire building.

With the help of professionals in water damage restoration and repair at Hamilton’s, you will get the water damage restored without stress. Let’s find out why you need professional help to address water damage and tackle your repairs and restoration. 


Water damage restoration is necessary when extensive water has saturated a building. Restoration from an expert in the industry will begin with a damage assessment and water removal with commercial-grade equipment.

Once the water has been removed, the structure and contents are cleaned up, and extensive drying of the area takes place—some water damage restoration includes mold prevention and removal. 

Mold, mildew, and rot are just a few more severe water damage problems. Anything could have caused the problem, but only one thing will fix it: calling a professional.

When your washing machine overflows, that is a stressful situation. But repairs and restoration don’t have to be overwhelming when choosing the right professionals.

You may ask yourself,

“What could happen if I don’t fix this leak?”

The answer is that much damage can happen within a short time to every aspect of your home. 

A. Rot: water damage is akin to an infection. If you don’t address the problem directly and quickly, rot can spread throughout your home and cause the building to be structurally unsound.

Water damage can destroy carpets, drywall, and other house-building materials.

B. Mildew and mold: These two by-products of water damage can be highly hazardous to health. Mould is associated with a vast number of health issues. It can produce spores that are released into the air.

For those with chronic health issues like asthma and allergies, this can cause difficulty breathing and aggravate an already pressing health issue. Beyond this, mold can cause irritations in the eyes, nose, skin, throat, lungs, etc.

Stomach issues, a weakened immune system, and more health complications have all been linked to mold infestations.

C. Foul odors: Not only is water-damaged property dangerous to your health, but no amount of spritzing with air freshener will alleviate the smell of water-damaged property.

Whether it is a flooded basement, a damaged carpet, or another part of our home or building, there will be a foul odor that can only be reduced and cleared out with professional intervention.

D. Stress: Water damage is a stressful thing. There will be property damage, but insurance filings, shuffling bills around, and other admin headaches will add to the long list of problems that water damage brings. Professional help is the best way to address these ongoing issues and get to the root of the problems without sacrificing your peace of mind.


You may have a water spill, a flooded house, or left the bathtub overrun. Still, you will need a professional to restore your carpets. You may be tempted to hop onto Google and search for home remedies and solutions. You will find “good” advice from bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. The problem with home remedies is that you may address only a tiny part of the water damage.

Water damage restorations are best done with a professional team like Hamilton’s.


Water damage can be caused by a freak storm or accidentally overloading the dishwasher. Accidents happen, but with these easy tips, you can ensure that water damage doesn’t occur in the first place.

  1. Check for leaks: Wherever there is water running through in your home, check for possible leaks on a regular Inspect the washing machine drainage, seal up the faulty window pane, and repair the cracked chimney to ensure that leaks are not happening it rains. Water damage occurs very quickly, and sustained damage from extended exposure to water is detrimental.
  1. Clear your gutters: A clogged drain will lead to significant problems during a storm. If water has nowhere to go when there is rain coming down, it will run through the walls of your house, leading to overflowing gutters and likely damaging the foundation of your home.
  1. Inspect your roof: A leaking roof can become a liability when a big storm is heading your way. Old roofing and clogged roof drains are all culprits of water damage. Take the time to assess these parts of your home and building to prevent the need for hiring water damage repair specialists. 
  1. Be proactive: There are many ways for water to begin seeping and pooling in your home. Checking for possible leaks can prevent the need for excessive money to be spent on repairing and restoring water damage.


It’s not always easy to tell when to bring specialists to alleviate your water damage woes.

A splash of water on the carpet can be solved with handy home remedy tricks like pouring baking soda or cat litter onto the damp spot. However, if your carpets are layered, calling a professional to deep clean can be beneficial as the moist bottom layers cause extensive damage. 

Water damage is a problem because the average person can not correctly identify the extent of the damage. Often, it takes a professional like us at Hamilton’s to evaluate the extensive nature of the damage and deliver a viable solution to the issue with an expert’s eye.

If your home has flooded, the basement is wet, or you have noticed a damp spot anywhere on your property, it is best to call in the experts.

Experts can remove the water in the most effective way possible with Commerical grade removal equipment.

Once that has been completed, the water-damaged areas can be removed and cleaned away, ready to be restored with new materials. You can get to the bottom of water damage problems with the best experts.


What do you do when you realize there is a leak and water damage to go with it?

Identifying where the water is coming from is essential, but this may not be as straightforward as anticipated.

Controlling the leak is the best path of action, so turning off the water supply to your property is good if you can’t find and manage the leak. Slow leaks can still cause significant damage, so preventing anymore is the best course of action once you have located one.

If you can find the leak, identifying the type of water coming from it can be beneficial. Clean water is rainwater; gray water comes from the dishwasher or washing machine; black water is sewage or water from a severe flood containing hazardous contaminants and bacteria. This information is vital for water damage restoration.

Next is to inspect the mold. Within 24 hours, mold can settle in and cause extensive damage. This is something that a specialist will find helpful to ensure you are getting the proper treatment on your property.

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, and you cannot get a specialist to help immediately. At the same time, while you are waiting for a professional, dry out the area as much as possible.

Use a few fans, open some windows, plug in a dehumidifier, pump out the water or use a dry/wet vacuum if the water damage is not extensive. Remove the saturated rugs and furniture from the area and freeze books or papers you want/need to save. This will save you time trying to dry important documents from the chaos of assessing and tending to waterlogged or damaged areas.

Once you have settled some of the chaos, call the expert.

Using homespun remedies will not get to the root of the water damage. Hiring an expert can get the problem sorted out efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mediating with insurance can be a problem, and hiring a professional is the easiest way to address the water damage issue and resolve it most straightforwardly.


Treating water damage as soon as possible with an expert on hand is easy when you use Hamilton’s for all your water damage restoration needs. Water damage is a serious business.

Working with a company with more than 20 years of experience is the perfect solution to your restoration needs. Partnering with Hamilton’s will ensure swiftly completed projects at affordable prices with the best friendly services. 

Water damage can get out of control fast, so working with a trustworthy and reliable company to address your restoration needs is essential.

You are choosing a company that will root out the problem’s depth and ensures that water damage doesn’t rear its ugly head once more down the road. Water damage can be stressful, and working with a company passionate about its service can make your home better than new.


When disaster strikes and your home is flooded, tensions are high during this very stressful time. There is extensive damage, you are likely forced to stay somewhere else as repairs are underway, and there is anxiety and trauma over an uncontrollable situation. The damage can be extensive, but calling specialists as early as possible is the best way to restore water damage.

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