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Best Carpet Cleaners Frederick


If you are looking for a Frederick carpeting cleaning contractor, you are sure to have some questions. Common questions from our clients often include:

Do you clean up the area after you clean a carpet?

How much are your services?

How long will it take to get the job done?

Whatever the need, our Frederick carpet cleaning experts are eager to provide top-quality service to you in a timely manner!

Whether it is a standard cleaning, removing strong pet odors, or stain removal, the most important decision you make is the carpet cleaning contractor you choose to do the job. We will work hard to gain your business and leave you satisfied! You can also rest assured that we stand behind all our work with a money-back guarantee.

All our expert carpet cleaning technicians are highly qualified and fully certified. We have many years of combined knowledge and experience cleaning all types of carpet. We are continually keeping up-to-date with the latest solutions, technology, materials and trends, so you have peace of mind that our work will add value to your home.

Call us today at (240) 674-0021 and learn why our Frederick customers are truly satisfied and even surprised at how easy and quick the work is done.

Even if you think carpet cleaning is far out of your budget, you just might be pleasantly surprised what we can do for you. We’ll work to do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome!


Why Choose Us

Frederick carpet cleaning services company Hamilton's Unlimited is known as one of the most experienced and respected carpet cleaning companies for over twenty years. Our quality carpet cleaning transforms your home's carpet into an almost "like new" smell.

Verbal Responsibility to Our Clients With Real-Time Updates

Superior Dedication

Respect Given to the Carpets We Clean

Highest Standards in Cost Control

On Time and on Budget

Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


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Tips for Hiring a Carpet Cleaner in Frederick MD

Hiring an carpet cleaner can be a very exciting and trying time. Your carpet is an important part of your home and you want it to be just right. After all, you'll be looking at the carpet for years and they need to be cleaned right.

Hiring an carpet cleaner isn't much different from hiring any type of processional contractor; here are some tips to help you:

* Define the Project

It's important that you write out exactly what the project entails including what type of carpet cleaning company you want to use. If you want, for instance, deep steam cleaning, you want someone who is skilled in deep steam carpet cleaning and making them look beautiful. Not every carpet cleaner can handle every type of carpet cleaning job.

* Locate Qualified Carpet Cleaning Services

Once you've detailed your project list, it's important to now find qualified carpet cleaner. You have a few options. You can ask friends and family for references. You can even ask your home inspector for ideas of who might be a good choice.

* Screen Carpet Cleaners

Once you get a list of carpet cleaning companies you can either pre-screen them, or you can wait until you get bids from them to screen them. Either way, it's important to check and ensure that they have the proper certification, and insurance necessary to perform the work that you want them to do.

You can call the Frederick County, Maryland City Hall and talk to their licensing department to ensure that each carpet cleaner you called has the right certification. You can also call the BBB to find out what their rating is, you can also look up the BBB on Google to find out if anyone has any complaints about them.

* Interview Carpet Cleaners

Once you've narrowed them down, it's important to interview them too.
To make it fair, write down a list of questions to ask them, and ask everyone the exact same questions. Write down their answers as they give them, or record the interview so that you can go through them later when you’re ready to make your choice.

* Choose Your Carpet Cleaner

Once you have some bids, it's time to go through each bid with a fine tooth comb. It might help to use a highlighter pen to mark through each item that details what your project description had in it. This way you can make sure they have addressed all the factors in your description. If not, you can write down questions to ask the bidder to fill in the areas they may have missed.

Choosing your professional Frederick carpet cleaning services provider is not as simple as choosing the lowest bid. Many times when people compete only on price, there ends up being other charges on the back-end. By going over each bid carefully you'll be able to indicate which bids left some items out that you'd have to pay for later, and which did not.


Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC was founded in 2003 by the Hamilton Family, who are based in Middletown, Maryland, and services their neighbors in Frederick, Maryland. The company’s employees are specialists in modern cleaning techniques and use quality products for pet stains, water damage, and other stain-removal services. The company’s motto is “We treat you like family,” and the Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC demonstrates this was a no-hassle guarantee, no hidden fees, and a free consultation.

Residents of Frederick, Maryland, have surely had their own share of devastating occurrences that would warrant the knowledgeable and friendly services of Hamilton’s Unlimited. Many have suffered significant amounts of damage within their offices and home, affecting their walls, appliances, floor spaces, furniture, carpets, and rugs.

Water damage is caused by several identifiable culprits, and chief amongst them are torrential rains, flooding, as well as broken pipes. Every year, tens of thousands of properties all over the S are affected by the risk and destruction that accompany water damage. Suffice it to say, whenever there is flooding or water outbreak, it is imperative that residents seek professional services immediately.

The timely intervention of water damage restoration specialists cannot be over emphasized. The damage can not only affect your personal property, but your health as well.

The professionals at Hamilton’s Unlimited are ready and eager to help Frederick Residents with any problem that may arise. Kevin Hamilton, the owner of Hamilton’s Unlimited says, “Next to carpet cleaning we specialize in water damage restoration and cleanup services, providing excellent structural drying and water extraction to both private and commercial property owners throughout Frederick, MD and environs.”

“Our trained personnel will carefully remove all standing water and dry out all affected building materials and equipment to restore your office or home to its initial state. We would ensure you are taken care of, and direct you through the whole process of getting your facility back to original condition as fast as possible.” Hamilton’s Unlimited offers 24-hour emergency service to ensure all their customers receive the help they need when they need it most.

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