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How to Evaluate Water Damage and When You Need Repair

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Looking For Emergency Water Damage Restoration?

Whether you have a leak from a pipe, or a big storm rolled through your area, water damage is can be both serious and scary. In fact, even if the damage is relatively minor, it’s still something you’ll want to act on immediately because it can quickly lead to other issues inside your home.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to evaluate water damage and when you need repair. As water damage repair and restoration specialists in Frederick, Maryland, Hamilton’s Unlimited is ready to help you through any water-related crisis.

Step #1: Find the source of the water damage

The first step is always finding the issue, which is sometimes more difficult than you’d think. If it happens to be a visible pipe or fixture, then you’re fairly fortunate as far as water damage goes. This means it’ll be easy to find and treat (as opposed to pulling back dry wall or flooring in an attempt to find the issue).

If possible, control the leak as much as possible. The best way to do this may be to turn off the water to your home. Even if you’re not seeing much water coming out of the pipe or fixture, slow leaks can still cause significant damage over time.

Another great note to make while you’re identifying where the leak is coming from is what is coming out of the leak. There are three different types of water that may come out of a leak.

  • Clean water: rain, condensation, leaky pipes, etc.
  • Gray water: slightly dirty water from dishwashers, washing machines, clean toilets, etc.
  • Black water: sewage or serious flooding from a nearby river (may contain bacteria or other contaminants)

Step #2: Inspect for any serious issues like mold

Mold can grow in the right conditions in just 24 hours. Start looking for mold and mildew as soon as you notice water damage in your home. You’ll absolutely want to mention this to your water damage repair and restoration specialist to ensure it’s treated properly. 

Step #3: Dry out the area as much as possible

If you want to prevent more water damage AND potential mold or mildew, the best course of action will be to dry out the affected area. You can use fans to circulate air through the affected area or utilize a large-capacity dehumidifier to ensure there’s no moisture left following the water damage.

Step #4: Call your local water damage repair/restoration specialist

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help! Water damage can be a lot to handle, and once you’ve identified the problem and prevented any additional problems from forming, then it’s time to hand it off to the professionals.

Hamilton’s Unlimited is the top water damage repair and restoration company in Frederick County, Maryland. They’ll make sure that your water damage gets fixed correctly the first time it happens.

Final thoughts

Water damage can be stressful, but repair and restoration don’t have to be. Hamilton’s Unlimited is a certified carpet cleaning company that’s committed to helping you in your time need. Water damage mitigation in Middletown, MD doesn’t need to disrupt your life! Visit here to learn more.

When searching Google for the phrase Water Damage Restoration Frederick County, Maryland you may have landed on this page and if that is the fact, please continue reading below…

Are you a Frederick County homeowner facing a complicated problem or an inconvenient nuisance with water damage or flood water that has dripped or poured into your home? Do not settle for a DIY-fix or a low-cost, unreliable company who can leave you in a worse condition than you started. No matter your need, contact the team that Frederick County homeowners choose for every water damage solution: Hamilton’s Unlimited.

As Frederick County’s most trusted and highest-rated water cleanup company, Hamilton’s Unlimited is ready to help you tackle your next water damage emergency. From basements, dining rooms, kitchens or all rooms within your home, there is no water damage cleaning job that our team of trained and experienced water damage restoration experts cannot handle!

Featuring a hand-picked team of professional flood water destruction restoration contractors, you will feel right at home when you partner with the Hamilton’s Unlimited team. From your first conversation with the owner Kevin Hamilton of our friendly team to the final check-in after your emergency water damage restoration project successfully wraps up, you will be treated like part of the Hamilton’s Unlimited family. No question or concern will stop our team from helping exceed your expectations!

Not only will you love the customer service from the Hamilton’s Unlimited team, but you will really love the final price of your services! Whether you are needing a full home water damage restoration or are only looking to have one, two or three rooms repaired from the unexpected water damage, our team of water damage restoration contractors will work hard to ensure that your project is completed with the highest-quality water damage restoration technology and materials at the lowest cost to you.

No hidden costs or unexpected premium upgrades here – when the owner of Hamilton’s Unlimited (Kevin Hamilton) quotes your emergency, personalized water damage restoration fee, you can trust that our team will stick to the plan while not cutting corners with low quality equipment or materials or poor expertise. Each contractor on our crew is trained in working with all types of home flooding situations: from a garage, basement, and the ever-famous kitchen and living room water destruction!

Our team has years of experience working with water damage clients for all types of homes. Want to discover why your Frederick County neighbors are choosing Hamilton’s Unlimited as their favorite local water damage restoration company? Contact us today to learn more!

How Hamilton’s Unlimited Tackles Water Damage Restoration Projects…

What Causes Water Damage?
There are countless causes of water damage in the home, and unfortunately, most of them can be very disruptive and damaging. Flooding caused by a burst pipe or major store can lead to excess water in your home or commercial space and, if left unchecked, can cause a huge headache and result in an expensive problem. Water damage is a particularly tricky issue because it can cause immediate and lasting damage. The immediate damage can be seen right away, such as visible flooding, warped floors, and ruined furniture. Water damage can also cause damage that creeps up on a property even after the mess is cleaned up in the form of mold and mildew.

How Can Water Damage Restoration Breathe New Life Into Your Home?

Upon arriving at a property impacted by water damage, Hamilton’s Unlimited’s experienced contractors and team immediately inspect the area for the source of the damage and signs of mold and mildew, stopping it in its tracks to prevent further damage. From there, Hamilton’s Unlimited does the all-important task of drying out the area. Regardless of the type of space, from business to home, basement to bedroom, and everything in between, Hamilton’s Unlimited can make it look as good as new and ensure that the water damage does not seep into the future.

It takes time, energy, and experience to handle water damage in the right way. Water-damaged property must be carefully dried and dehumidified, cleaned and sanitized, and strategically restored. Occasionally, water damage destroys carpets, drywall, and other fibrous materials beyond repair, requiring them to need permanent replacement either immediately or in the future.

An expert can provide their opinion about whether certain materials can be saved, setting the tone and determining the scope of the restoration project. Water damage restoration done by a trusted company like Hamilton’s Unlimited can breathe new life into your home or property and restore its pre-water damage condition.

Why Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC?

Hamilton’s Unlimited is Frederick County’s most trusted and most highly-rated water clean up company. With nearly 20 years of experience, Hamilton’s Unlimited is well equipped and highly prepared to take on any water damage restoration project swiftly, preventing the damage from spreading, repairing the affected areas, and providing affordable, friendly service. Water damage is a serious issue that requires a seriously experienced company to tackle it.

If handled in the wrong way, the problem can exacerbate tenfold and rear its heads for years and years after the event that caused the damage in the first place. Having tackled thousands of water damage and flood water emergencies in Frederick County, Hamilton’s Unlimited has truly seen it all–no matter the size of the project or the extent of the damage, Hamilton’s Unlimited is the right team for the job. Not only that, but flooding or some other emergency that causes water damage is incredibly stressful, especially if it makes a home temporarily unlivable.

Giving Hamilton’s Unlimited the reins can put your mind at ease while you navigate this difficult, complex, and anxiety-inducing situation. Hamilton’s Unlimited answers questions, provides real-time updates about the status of projects, and offers a friendly, empathetic presence, sticking with those dealing with water damage every step of the way. If you ever experience a water damage emergency, call Hamilton’s Unlimited immediately @ (240) 674-0021

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”!!! Water damage can be one of the most daunting emergency’s in ones’ home or commercial property. Knowing a local, professional water damage repair specialist can quickly relieve the stress and time consuming headache.

As you know, knowing where to start after your house or commercial property has been affected by a water disaster is half of the battle. After all, when you have flood water you then need to clean, dry and then restore everything back to its original status and all that can be a challenging and frustrating process.

It’s important to have your water damage treated as soon as a calamity occurs to help assure the success of complete restoration.

The longer water remains, the more challenging it can be to remove and the damage can get worse by the hour.

All of our water damage services are backed by the “Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC cast-iron, guarantee.” Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC is known for leaving their customer’s homes and commercial properties’ looking, smelling and feeling fresh as if water damage never occurred.

For a no obligation price quote, text or call (240) 674-0021

Removing pet smells from your carpet such as pee can be a challenging and frustrating process. It’s very important to have your carpet or upholstery treated as soon as an accident occurs to help assure the success of complete pet stain and odor removal.

The longer a stain lingers, the more challenging it can be to remove the stain fully.

All of our pet odor and stain services are backed by the “Hamilton’s Unlimited cast-iron, guarantee.”

Hamilton’s Unlimited is known for leaving their customer’s carpets, rugs and upholstery clean, smelling and feeling fresh. All solutions used are one-hundred percent safe for you and your pets.

For a no obligation quote, text or call us at (240) 674-0021

Excellent & Thorough Cleaning Services

If you are ready for exceptional results, call the carpet and cleaning business with a spotless reputation.

Hamilton’s Unlimited, LLC is a full-service carpet cleaning company with employees specially trained in the most modern and effective cleaning techniques, in addition to product usage and safety procedures. We work diligently to ensure all cleaning service plan specs are performed to the highest industry standards.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are happy. We guarantee the highest level of cleaning services, we utilize quality control programs which include on-site inspections.

We constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately.

We always encourage customer feedback. Your input allows us to maintain our high standard of quality!

Water Damage Frederick

4 Emergency Steps to Prevent More Water Damage Right NOW!

Moisture will not only destroy carpet, drywall, and hardwood floors. It absorbs into the wood structure of your home and continues to do damage until drying has taken place to stop more damage. The wood may NOT dry using fans. You need a professional inspection

The longer you wait; the more damage will be done. In some cases, failure to take immediate action after a water damage loss could limit your insurance coverage. Moisture inside your home is an emergency.

If your home isn’t properly dried before re-building, mold and wood rot can occur. Professional drying equipment can be used to dry your home. Special dehumidifiers are used to pull moisture out of your home’s wood structure.

Your insurance company wants you to call a professional water restoration company to STOP further damage. Call Hamilton’s Unlimited now for 24 hour / 7 days a week emergency service at (240) 674-0021

What’s the BIGGEST mistake?
The big mistake is doing nothing. Overlooked moisture problems are the cause of all types of indoor mold and wood rot. At bare minimum, call for a moisture evaluation to see where you have moisture

No Flood Insurance?
We’ll work with you. Doing a little something to aid drying is better than nothing. At bare minimum. Call us and Let us know what your situation is and how much flooding you had.

Water Damage The Visible Causes

In order to prevent water damage, you must first learn what causes it. This article will cover the visible causes of water damage, the ones that are easy to self-detect. Be sure to look for the second part of this article and learn all about the invisible causes of water damage as well. A good understanding of the subject will not only provide you with better tools to prevent water damage but also will help saving money by simple day to day maintenance tips that will keep your house in good shape and preserve its value. While some of the causes for damage are controllable and can be prevented if you pay enough attention, others cannot be predicted and therefore cannot be prevented.

Rain water: Rain water will accumulate along the foundations or beneath the floor during rainy seasons unless directed away by proper drainage. It is very hard to control damage caused by rain water but it is possible to reduce its effects

Gutter & Drain: Clogged gutters will push rainwater under shingles, or will cause water to travel down the walls internally. A lack of drains can cause an overflow. Gutters must empty far enough away from foundation walls or else water will accumulate, leading to damage and a wet basement and even to foundation problems.

Windows and Doors: Unprofessionally installed windows and doors will allow water to penetrate into the wall. Damaged seals around windows or doors can cause windblown moisture penetration. Check your doors and windows thoroughly especially during wet seasons.

Leaking Roofs: Old roofing materials can expose the roof deck to water intrusion and damage especially around chimneys and exhaust fans. Old shingles will curl and crack, allowing moisture intrusion. Cracked chimney caps allow water into interior areas of the chimney. Flat roof drains can clog and hold water on the roof, increasing the risks of a leak and a possible collapse of the entire roof under the weight of the water.

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