How to Evaluate Water Damage and When You Need Repair

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Whether you have a leak from a pipe, or a big storm rolled through your area, water damage is can be both serious and scary. In fact, even if the damage is relatively minor, it’s still something you’ll want to act on immediately because it can quickly lead to other issues inside your home.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to evaluate water damage and when you need repair. As water damage repair and restoration specialists in Frederick, Maryland, Hamilton’s Unlimited is ready to help you through any water-related crisis.

Step #1: Find the source of the water damage

The first step is always finding the issue, which is sometimes more difficult than you’d think. If it happens to be a visible pipe or fixture, then you’re fairly fortunate as far as water damage goes. This means it’ll be easy to find and treat (as opposed to pulling back dry wall or flooring in an attempt to find the issue).

If possible, control the leak as much as possible. The best way to do this may be to turn off the water to your home. Even if you’re not seeing much water coming out of the pipe or fixture, slow leaks can still cause significant damage over time.

Another great note to make while you’re identifying where the leak is coming from is what is coming out of the leak. There are three different types of water that may come out of a leak.

  • Clean water: rain, condensation, leaky pipes, etc.
  • Gray water: slightly dirty water from dishwashers, washing machines, clean toilets, etc.
  • Black water: sewage or serious flooding from a nearby river (may contain bacteria or other contaminants)

Step #2: Inspect for any serious issues like mold

Mold can grow in the right conditions in just 24 hours. Start looking for mold and mildew as soon as you notice water damage in your home. You’ll absolutely want to mention this to your water damage repair and restoration specialist to ensure it’s treated properly. 

Step #3: Dry out the area as much as possible

If you want to prevent more water damage AND potential mold or mildew, the best course of action will be to dry out the affected area. You can use fans to circulate air through the affected area or utilize a large-capacity dehumidifier to ensure there’s no moisture left following the water damage.

Step #4: Call your local water damage repair/restoration specialist

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help! Water damage can be a lot to handle, and once you’ve identified the problem and prevented any additional problems from forming, then it’s time to hand it off to the professionals.

Hamilton’s Unlimited is the top water damage repair and restoration company in Frederick County, Maryland. They’ll make sure that your water damage gets fixed correctly the first time it happens.

Final thoughts

Water damage can be stressful, but repair and restoration don’t have to be. Hamilton’s Unlimited is a certified carpet cleaning company that’s committed to helping you in your time need. Water damage doesn’t need to disrupt your life! Visit here to learn more.

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