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Should I Call a Carpet Cleaner for Pet Odor

Carpet Cleaning Service, Frederick, MD | Hamilton's Unlimited, LLC

You love your pet, but you HATE their odor. And let’s face it, if you’re still in the potty-training phase, you may be dealing with a lot of it. Unfortunately, while the accidents are temporary, the odor can become permanent if you don’t handle the clean-up correctly.

Never fear! In this blog, we’ll tell you everything NOT to do as well as what point you should call a pet odor cleaner.

What to Avoid with Carpet and Pet Odor

If you’re bringing a new pet into the house, then it’s important to know all of the following information ahead of time. Once pet odor enters your carpet, it’s often there to stay (unless you call up a pet odor cleaning company in Middletown, Maryland, of course). Thus, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do as it is to call the right people when you know you need help.

  1. Don’t panic

Oh no! Your dog or cat peed on your carpet…AGAIN. If you’re like most homeowners, you just want to have a nice house. You can’t stand the thought of your pet soiling your carpet. How will you get it out?!

This is how the panic begins, and it normally ends with wild scrubbing with materials that should NEVER be used on carpet. You can ruin your carpet in a matter of seconds and make the situation drastically worse. So, whatever you do, don’t panic. Pet odor cleaners exist for a reason.

  1. Don’t use a random cleaner

This is often involved in the cleaning stage of panic. You go to your cupboard and pull out all kinds of cleaning solutions that you think may pull out the pet odor. However, the pH value of the cleaner must be within the tolerance limits of your carpet’s fibers and colors. Otherwise, guess what? It’ll ruin it! Never use an at-home carpet cleaner unless you understand what’s in it and how it will work on your carpet.

This also extends to air fresheners and perfumes. If pet odor worsens, homeowners often attempt to cover up the smell of the excrement with better smelling scent. However, the organic molecules contained in the excrement will not respond to the synthetic chemicals that air fresheners contain. You can spray all you want but no amount of fragrance will suppress pet odor – not to mention that the alcohol in deodorizers pushes bad odors deeper into carpet fibers. This means you’ll actually make the smell worse by spraying it.

  1. Don’t scrub your carpet

If you put a safe carpet cleaner on your carpet, you may expect the stain and odor to go away immediately. Yet, stubborn pet stains and odors don’t always lift that easily. So, most people will resort to scrubbing vigorously at the stain to try to make it go away.

Unfortunately, if the stain has already been there for 10 minutes or longer, the enzymes will have penetrated to padding or floor beneath your carpeting. This not only means that scrubbing won’t resolve the pet odor but that you’ll damage your carpet by continuing to scrub.

It’s better to wet and blot any area that has pet stains and odors in them, especially if you discover the accident soon after it was left.

How to Properly Handle Pet Odor

It is possible to conquer pet odor and keep your carpets nice. Here are some tips on properly handling pet odor in your home.

  1. Clean up accidents with the right products

Did you know that using a product with an enzymatic formula that will break down the proteins in your dog or cat’s urine can help permanently eradicate the odor? Doing this will help properly treat the odor left behind and prevent return visits to the same spot. 

  1. Call Hamilton’s Unlimited

Never hesitate to call a professional pet odor cleaner in Frederick County, Maryland like Hamilton’s Unlimited. For as many helpful home remedies you’ll read, you’ll find a disastrous tip that will ruin your carpet. Pet stains and odors can be tough to get rid of, and Hamilton’s wants to help you avoid the risks of DIY cleaning.

 Final thoughts

At Hamilton’s Unlimited, our carpet cleaning technicians are experts in removing pet odors. Visit here to schedule an appointment and check our availability.

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